Rent a Horse / VIP Race Day Owner Experience at Gorcombe

Become a race horse owner for the day at a national race event!

For this completely unique and unforgettable day, you can treat your special loved ones, your award winning team or just clients you wish to entertain in a way they have never been spoilt before. Become a race horse owner for the day at a national race event!

As soon as you book your day, you will get updates of your horse, how he is in training and links to his twitter page that you can not only follow yourself, but forward on to all of your guests.

Your incredible day will start when you arrive at the chosen race course, where you will be met by the owner or a knowledgeable member of Gorcombe who will issue you with your owners race passes for the day. They will then guide you through your day, taking you to exclusive areas including the owners and trainers bar.

As the day progresses, you will be introduced to the trainer Jimmy Frost, ex grand-national winning jockey and now successful race horse trainer.  When your horse is due to race, you will be invited to the actual paddock alongside all of the TV crews and owners to get a completely unique VIP view of the horses before they race.

You will get to meet your jockey, and get to listen in on the race tactics before they exit to the race. There will of course be time made for you to be shown to the on course bookies to make a bet if you wish!

You will then watch the race from a choice of places, including exclusive areas such as the owners grandstand or viewing area, but sometimes it’s just as great near the finishing line or right on the course rails to feel the power of the horses as they thunder past!

If you should be lucky and have the winning horse on the day, it will be back to the paddock and winning enclosure to welcome your horse and jockey back home, grab photos,  before receiving the winner trophy from the sponsors!

The fun doesn’t stop there… you will be taken off to the winner lounge for champagne and a replay of the race and possibly even laugh or two about being on TV!! The trainer will also come along later to answer any questions you may have or even sign memorabilia for you!

It is truly is an amazing experience to be involved in a professional sport with such great characters and a very rare opportunity to put on a special day for a friend, family member, team member, or client that they will never have experienced before, a truly unique day for special people.