Quad Biking at Gorcombe

This needs no selling, it is just simply the best quad biking layout in the country!

This needs no selling, it is just simply the best quad biking layout in the country!


We can boast to have over 20 miles of tracks, one of the only extreme courses in the country, if not the only! As featured on the BBC! – “Quad biking taken to extremes”.

It is so popular we run in excess of 40 quadbikes so you all get to ride at the same time! We don’t just cater for groups of 10 or share your bikes! Designed around the theory of a ski resort there is something for everybody’s level at Gorcombe! From petrol heads to conservative thrill seekers anybody that finds quads boring has never been challenged at Gorcombe. If you’re looking for pure excitement this is the activity to send you and your friends away with the biggest smiles. Try this sport for the thrill of an unforgettable day! Gorcombe is like no other in the country. Not just a dull wander around the countryside following an instructor who can’t find second gear. Not just motoring around the same one or two tired old circuits. Gorcombe breaks the boundaries, designed along the likes of a ski resort with multiple courses ranging from beginners to the extreme courses for the experts. The only place with 45-degree banking chicanes and the 30m ski jump drop! The fourteen circuits making up over 20 miles of tracks and a fleet in excess of forty quad bikes are the reason this is simply the biggest and best quad site in the country. If you want to just try quads or be treated to a high adrenaline excitement fest then there is something for you at Gorcombe. Our sessions last from a half hour up to 2 hours. We don’t attempt to string it out like our competitors lasting a day but only spending an hour riding the bikes! This is up to two hours of high-octane enjoyment and we’ve never had a group that haven’t needed a brief stop on our longest sessions. All this starts from just £35 per person. This is an activity that will have your friends talking about it for months!

Age restriction: 12+ years old


PLEASE NOTE: Upon booking, you will need to pay a £10 per person per activity deposit to secure your booking. This is a non-refundable deposit. Minimum group bookings are for 2 people. For 1 person bookings, there is a £10 surcharge