Open from Tuesday – Sunday from the 1st October for the whole month!

Having produced pumpkins for the first time last year, we learnt so much.

The main thing we learnt that it wasn’t just about producing pumpkins but the experience and fun families could have when picking them.

So this year we have made major changes, Pumpkin picking will now be an experience more associated with Gorcombe and like you have never seen before.

We have made so many improvements from your brilliant feedback last year:

  • We have moved the site nearer the cafe so that you can get refreshments more easily during your visit.
  • The area has grown in size so there is even more choice and hunting available, to find your perfect pumpkin.
  • We now have a choice of equipment to transport your pumpkins around and of course staff available should you need help with the lifting!

The Farmer here has proven to be very good at growing pumpkins and not only did he produce vast quantities of them last year, but in a huge array of sizes including some very big ones! This is a skill he has improved on again and now has all sorts of sizes shapes and colours for you to pick from.

This year there will also be plenty of add on surprises around the site, to excite and amuse you. The whole family will be entertained with an array of extras to get you all in the mood for the spooky Halloween festivities!




All these improvements haven’t gone unnoticed though, and we seem to have attracted attention from a little chap who we have named Gareth the Gorcombe Gremlin! He has been promising to come to Dorset to seek us out and cause havoc!

We may need your help to tell us if you spot him or recognise where he is in the selfie photos he sends us! There will also be a reward if you actually find him on the site amongst the pumpkins!