Privacy / cookie policy


The website is minimal in using cookies and any other scripts to cause concern for your privacy. Outlined below are the cookies, and scripts in general, that are used on the site.

Necessary cookies:

__cfduid – this is the only necessary cookie, from Cloudflare, which allows us to protect the website and our visitors. You can read up on what this cookie does and Cloudflare’s privacy policies here: If you’ve reached the website then this cookie will have already been accepted, so you would have to delete this cookie manually and then not visit the site again if you have any concerns at all about this service.

Non-essential cookies and services:

Google Fonts – we use Google Fonts to load up the relevant fonts depending on your browser and screen size to the website, which makes text look nice and means we don’t have to store a lot of fonts on the site itself. Potentially Google will track your IP address to deliver the fonts to you.
Google Maps – we use Google Maps to show the map to our location on the website, and to offer you directions to us. Google will track your IP address, and likely also your location if you use the directions function, as is necessary to offer you that service.

Essential website functionality that you have to actively enter information into:

Our contact forms (Booking Enquiry / Contact Us / Technical Issues) all fairly obviously require some of your information in order for us to process your enquiry and respond to you. This information is not stored in a database, and is emailed directly to us via encrypted connections. Be aware thought that email is inherently insecure, and that if you have any concerns with sending this information to us please consider calling us instead.

We do not share your information with any other parties, unless in the rare instance that fulfilling your request requires it, and you consent to it.