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Paintball offer

Paintball Special Offer!

Full day or half day Paintballing:

inc. 300 paintballs - £25

inc. 500 paintballs - £32.50

inc. 1000 paintballs - £50

If using the booking form, quote which deal you want in further contact with us!

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Dirt Buggies at Gorcombe

Like no other dirt buggies in the country, Gorcombe offers variety and excitement for all you adrenaline junkies!


There are the all-sliding, all-spinning, wheeling Powerturns, with their two engines, two power sticks and skid steering, they really can turn on a sixpence. There are no footbrakes or steering wheels so this truly is a unique experience. With either one driver or teamwork with two drivers at the same time these will have you crying with laughter and pumped up with adrenaline!

Follow this with the super fast single seater dirt buggies with so much power you have to control the slide in the corners, accelerate up the hills and make your heart race on the straights.

The courses are not just a tame trundle round a field but extended over courses with hairpin bends, chicanes, fast straights and corner slides.

Both these vehicles will excite and thrill you like never before.

The minimum age is 16 years old. Driving experience is a benefit but not a necessity.

During poor weather, due to the speed of these machines sometimes an alternative will be offered if we feel it necessary for safety.