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Paintball offer

Paintball Special Offer!

Full day or half day Paintballing:

inc. 300 paintballs - £25

inc. 500 paintballs - £32.50

inc. 1000 paintballs - £50

If using the booking form, quote which deal you want in further contact with us!

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clayshooting movie

Clay Shooting at Gorcombe

This is probably the most relaxed adrenaline sport you can try!

Until you experience it you won't believe how this sport gets the heart racing and blood pumping.

Set in the beautiful Dorset countryside, Gorcombe uses the natural contours and obstacles that Mother Nature provides.

This is primarily set up for the complete novice, with all the equipment and safety accessories required supplied, so you only have to bring yourself and your sense of adventure!

Safety is paramount to this sport and you will be supplied with safety glasses, ear defenders, a covered viewing area and of course guns, although our instructors will always load the cartridges.

Our instructors are both qualified and great countyside characters. They will look after you, make you feel comfortable, confident, and hopefully get you breaking those targets like a true pro.

There are more testing layouts for more experienced shots but this price includes everything you require and a chance to shoot between 30 and 40 cartridges.

Of course with two or more guests we will score it, for your own bragging rights!

Discounts can apply to large groups, depending on some booking restrictions.