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My granddaughter was injured on the quad bikes.

The beginners track she was on was rutted, the width in some places was less than the track of the bike. The sides of the track were banked up, where it appears that some time in the past wet mud had been displaced from the centre and dried on the sides.

When the bike fell on my granddaughter it rolled over and kept rolling. Perhaps the bike should have a simple lightweight anti roll bar system?

In my opinion, Supervision was poor, There was no first aid equipment on the track side, stretcher, neck collar, splint, ice pack, etc, no one appeared competent in first aid, they took her helmet off when she comlained about a sore neck, and there was no communication with anyone else on a very big site.

Having said all that my grand sons enjoyed the experience, perhaps they were just lucky.

Admin:  Sadly our activity centre is not suited to everyone. Your granddaughter did fall off the bike, a slight mistake lots of people make, and was absoloutely fine sat with the marshall and ready to have another go before you arrived on the scene and persuaded her not to. The bike did not roll at all except on its wheels, the course is more than the width of all the bikes used as funnily enough the amount of bikes we have going around all the courses would make it impossible for the tracks to not be wide enough or scarred up. The sides of some corners are banked up as we are an extreme activity centre as advertised everywhere not a gentle quad safari, or childrens playground. The poor supervision you comment about would have no doubt been aimed at the marshall who witnessed the accident, saw that the bike did not roll at all, and who was already sat with your grandaughter making sure she was ok before you even arrived on the scene. This member of staff along with several others has a mobile phone to call back to the centre at any time and is first aid trained as are several other members of the team. Also if you felt the courses were dangerous, the supervision poor, the equipment not safe enough without roll bars, what responsible caring grand parent would possibly let their two grandsons continue risking their safety for another 30 minutes and be taken miles away out of view and away from the centre with an irresponsible or unproffessional marshall? The children were all very polite, nice customers and well equipped to try extreme quadbiking, I dont think you have the same understanding, the boys were not lucky they just knew what they enjoyed and rodethe bikes accordingly.

Phil Borrett   from Dorset

Monday, September 10th, 2018

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